Not only does Comedy Central’s Broad City deal with friendship in a lovely and refreshing way, it tackles human sexuality with honesty and panache. From casual conversations with parents about pegging at a wake, to Ilana’s unrequited crush on her pal Abbi and her own unreturned feelings for her FWB Lincoln, sex and all its complexities isn’t labeled or boxed in. Ilana and Abbi live in a generation that doesn’t need to define itself as straight, bisexual, or queer. It’s… Read more »

Everyone has a bit of a misspent youth, to varying degrees. No matter what you do, or what success you do or don’t have, that strange decade between college and your 30s is a confusing time. You think you literally feel opportunities pass by with an agitated prickling. Youth can feel like one of those dreams where you know you have something to run from, but your feet are stuck in sludge. The days collect together imperceptibly, but you can acutely feel the slow glug of a single second. The farce of Broad City captures that absurd time of adult youth in a totally new and refreshing way, and it does so on the back of a genuine friendship, something rare in both life and art.