This episode of BoJack Horsemean heavily references an episode of The Larry Sanders show where Larry is caught on security tape knocking over a lady at a grocery store. In BoJack’s case, he just can’t resist being a jerk and denying “dibs” on some muffins a seal hid in the produce section while he went to the bathroom. BoJack doesn’t even want the muffins, he buys them out of spite, and then hate eats the entire box on the way home.

Fresh off the heels of consuming Season 2 of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning of the hit series about depression, alcoholism, and loneliness.

The fact that it’s a cartoon with the further absurdity of anthropomorphized animals helps the Raphael Bob-Waksberg-created series get deep into to the dark little heart of melancholia. Distance can give us sharp perspective, and helps us open up about things often kept hidden in the stark light of real humans in real human skin. Animation can help us be more honest sometimes, (and so can funny voices.)