On Christmas Day, Netflix is releasing the Black Mirror Christmas Special: White Christmas. The episode, which first aired last year in the, U.K. and tells three chilling tales under a single-frame work (Similar to A Christmas Carol’s formula, but with a much more bleak outcome.) Like all Black Mirror stories, “White Christmas” is a cautionary tale of familiar technology tested to its limits by some of humanity’s most complicated and dark behaviors.

We exist in a world of misty storytelling, covering up the flaws in our system with poetry and exaggerations.

But, what if we didn’t have to rely on such a faulty data storage system? What if everything we saw and heard was recorded from our perspective, through our eyes and ears, making replay possible? “The Entire History of You,” the third episode of the first season (2011) of the impeccably executed British sci-fi series Black Mirror explores a technology implanted in our heads that turns our eyes into cameras and projectors.