What does Rick Sanchez do when he’s literally a pickle and also in a metaphoric pickle of being trapped in a sewer with no limbs? He gives himself the gift of mobility by controlling the brain of a cockroach. While there’s no real science behind Rick’s transformation in a pickle, controlling a cockroach’s movements through it’s brain is something you can do right now with your smartphone and you don’t even have to be Pickle Rick to do it.

The Right To Die debate in the U.S is seeing a slow increase in states willing to take on statues allowing terminally ill people to peacefully end their lives when they want to. People like Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregan so she could end her life before brain cancer made her life unbearable, give faces and stories to champion the right of an individual to legally end their life when they’re up against the ravages of a devastating illness. But, should patients be able to end their lives over distressing chronic mental disorders like depression and anorexia? In Belgium and the Netherlands, people are doing just that.

In 1994-5, Marcia Clark wasn’t just under the immense pressure of the massively scrutinized O. J. Simpson case, she was also a mother going through a divorce. On top of everything, in a trial that was intentionally needling at the depths of the race problem in American, Marcia Clark’s hair really stirred things up as well. Why did Marcia Clark’s hair symbolize so much to us then, and what does it all mean now?

The second season of Transparent takes a bold move: through a series of delirious flashbacks we’re introduced to the vibrant life of Maura’s now uncommunicative mother Rose when she was a young girl in 1930s Berlin. The flashbacks start off celebratory, but lead to dark revelations about the family’s traumatic past.

On Christmas Day, Netflix is releasing the Black Mirror Christmas Special: White Christmas. The episode, which first aired last year in the, U.K. and tells three chilling tales under a single-frame work (Similar to A Christmas Carol’s formula, but with a much more bleak outcome.) Like all Black Mirror stories, “White Christmas” is a cautionary tale of familiar technology tested to its limits by some of humanity’s most complicated and dark behaviors.