In early morning chill of December 6, 1959 Dr. Harold Perelson was found unresponsive at his sprawling 2475 Glendower Place home. He was lying in his blood-soaked bed next his wife Lillian, who he had just bludgeoned to death with a ball-peen hammer. The doctor had attempted to murder his 18-year-old daughter Judye as well, but she survived his blows. Even with a massive head wound Judye was able to crawl up the backyard steps.

Her Story isn’t exactly a game, it’s an interactive narrative. It’s a voyeuristic puzzle, a scramble of information, and there is no real end to it. There is no certainty. There is no perfect solution. Since the narrative flow is really up to the player, big reveals can come pretty soon but there’s always something else that may be one click away. Even when you’ve perused all 271 of Her Story’s video clips, there still seems to be so much more to know.