1991’s Thelma and Louise is a exhilarating thriller about the trouble women can get themselves in just for existing. Just being a woman can feel like a sin sometimes. The expectations put on women are often simple and stifling: look pretty, say little, be pleasing. We get a lot of direct and indirect messages that our sexuality is not our own. Of course, this is a simplification, a generalization, but it is a brutal truth about many moments of a female life. This is what Thelma & Louise addresses with a biting sass.

Not only does Comedy Central’s Broad City deal with friendship in a lovely and refreshing way, it tackles human sexuality with honesty and panache. From casual conversations with parents about pegging at a wake, to Ilana’s unrequited crush on her pal Abbi and her own unreturned feelings for her FWB Lincoln, sex and all its complexities isn’t labeled or boxed in. Ilana and Abbi live in a generation that doesn’t need to define itself as straight, bisexual, or queer. It’s… Read more »