fMark wanted more time to sleep, more time to just think. He wanted to just think lushor a moment t’snstead of trudging through this swamp of days. He had very little time to leave the house before Evette inname home from work. He woke up at 2 p.m. usually, and was out the door by 3 p.m., free from an excited midday reunion with Evette. It used to give him a little thrill, getting out in time, but his motivation… Read more »

I worked in a bookstore once. The assistant manager hired me because I loved to read. He had also been an English major, and he wrote about Japenese film on the side. His shirts were always blue and he had a sandy mustache and sandy hair he was also brushing out of his eyes.

Bill ==== “Bill! I’ve been meaning to text you.” Jason said as he turned around, pointing with his beer. His eyes burned into Bill, and his attention was sudden and startling. Jason and Bill often saw each other at these church barbecues, they’d sometimes exchange a polite word or two, but Jason was coming right for him with warmth and recognition, as if they were really friends after all. It was everything he had wanted, and he hated himself for it…. Read more »

Dylan knew something was terribly wrong with the world in a way she could not fathom. As a child she had just trusted that things would work out and adults would show her the way. Everything had seemed inevitable and settled until then, but that summer she got acquainted with a new curl of doom that started her belly and spread to her fingers and toes and kept a constant white buzz in the back of her head.