Hi There! My most largely subscribed-to ASMR Channel, Lynn Cinnamon ASMR Beauty, features an absurd amount of beauty and makeup products. Why do I have so much makeup? What do I do with it? Am I being irresponsible? Am I incredibly rich? Do I need therapy to help me with a makeup addiction?   These are all questions I get quite a bit so I thought I’d address this FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) in a blog post.   When I… Read more »

Hi!   I get asked this question many times a day. Many viewers feel that I should just have one channel, something I did for 3 years. This is generally the norm for ASMR – creators often provide quite a variety of content on a single ASMR channel. As ASMR grows as an artform, the number of niches and interests within it are also growing an exponential rate. When you say you like ASMR, you could mean many, many different… Read more »