Culinary Dropout, Austin, TX location Mood before eating: Super chill Weather:  Windy, Sunny, and perfect temperature. My husband and I tried Culinary Dropout for the first time on Memorial Day. It wasn’t too crowded and the weather was fantastic, so we sat outside. They have a fun, quirky atmosphere that includes long couches and a cornhole court. I was seated with my back to the cornhole players so I kind of expected to be beaned in the head at some… Read more »

This is a blog post I wrote to prepare for a chat in a future ASMR video based on questions and topics my audience wanted to know my thoughts about. Let me know down below what other topics you would like for me to talk or write about in the future. I have not witnessed this happening very often – but there is a couple very close to me in their 40s that have been together since high school. They’ve… Read more »

Hi There! My most largely subscribed-to ASMR Channel, Lynn Cinnamon ASMR Beauty, features an absurd amount of beauty and makeup products. Why do I have so much makeup? What do I do with it? Am I being irresponsible? Am I incredibly rich? Do I need therapy to help me with a makeup addiction?   These are all questions I get quite a bit so I thought I’d address this FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) in a blog post.   When I… Read more »

Hi!   I get asked this question many times a day. Many viewers feel that I should just have one channel, something I did for 3 years. This is generally the norm for ASMR – creators often provide quite a variety of content on a single ASMR channel. As ASMR grows as an artform, the number of niches and interests within it are also growing an exponential rate. When you say you like ASMR, you could mean many, many different… Read more »

Christopher Thomas Knight spent 27 years alone in the woods. He was not completely isolated by from human culture as it advanced over the decades, but he was almost completely devoid of human contact. According to Michael Finkel’s book The Stranger in the Woods, based on his conversations with Finkel after his arrest, the one time he spoke to someone was the only time he was spotted by a hiker in the Maine wilderness he called his home. Knight asked the hiker to make a pact that they would both never speak of their encounter. The hiker broke that pact, a sharp betrayal for Knight, after Knight was arrested for the over 1000 burglaries that kept him alive over the years.

Sebastian Kanczok “He would see It naked, a thing of unshaped destroying light.” Clowns are inherently scary for many people, and when Stephen King chose to make a clown the initial form of his monster in his epic novel It, he was both responding to and enhancing the public’s curious revulsion at popular painted jesters. What “it” truly is in the novel, though, is something intangible. It is the essence of fear projected and manifested. When the adults confront It… Read more »

The Joker’s constant grin is captivating and terrifying, glittering with remorselessness. It’s a signal of madness, the cold laughter of sociopathy. Smiles are often friendly, alluring, and a sign of fun, happiness and comfort. The Joker is king of the forced smile, the cruel grin of glee degenerating into icy malignancy. It turns out that this image of the clown’s face frozen in a permanent, painful grin spawned from a 19th century Victor Hugo novel (here’s a pretty cool graphic… Read more »

“For a while I was the person I’d always wanted to be,” – David Thibodeau about his time at Branch Davidian compound Mt. Carmel during the 51-day Waco siege.

When we think about high-profile cult situations, especially ones that turn as dramatically deadly as David Koresh’s Branch Davidian group did during the siege at Waco, most of us distance ourselves from cult members. Whether we are believers in anything or not, we are convinced that our worldview is infinitely more rational than members of “cults.”

The truth is, however, that the psychological profile of people who join cults isn’t that different than most people. We all yearn for a place to belong, we organize mundane details into profound meaning, and can be easily swayed by a great storyteller with an intoxicating personality.

250 years ago a young man with a generous trust fund and a gilded macabre imagination invented modern gothic style and fiction as we know it. His name was Horace Walpole and his “spirit” flows through almost ever scary story and every bleak bannister. Horace Walpole was the son of essentially the first Prime Minister of England, Sir Robert Walpole, and used his privileged position in life to indulge his aesthetic sensibilities to the extreme.