Culinary Dropout, Austin, TX location

Mood before eating: Super chill

Weather:  Windy, Sunny, and perfect temperature.

My husband and I tried Culinary Dropout for the first time on Memorial Day. It wasn’t too crowded and the weather was fantastic, so we sat outside. They have a fun, quirky atmosphere that includes long couches and a cornhole court. I was seated with my back to the cornhole players so I kind of expected to be beaned in the head at some point during my meal, but thankfully that didn’t happen.


We ordered the CRUSTY BREAD, GARLIC OIL & BALSAMIC and SHERRY GLAZED BEETS & GOAT CHEESE from the “Snacks” menu for starters. The bread was surprisingly charred on the outside, which I’m personally not a huge fan of so I kind of ate around the black charred bits. A lot of people like their “burnt” food, but it’s just not personally not for my palette.

The goat cheese and golden beets were delicious. I absolutely love this food pairing and often can’t help myself from ordering it on the menu. I would have loved a little more goat cheese to balance out the earthy flavor of beets, but I was satisfied.


My bae got THE PUB BURGER with havarti, bacon, house BBQ sauce. He opted out of mayo and it was served with a pickle and french fries. Of course I took a bite! The burger was charred as well, but I was much more pleased with the flavor on the burger than I was on the bread. The fries were nice, but unremarkable.


My SEARED TUNA SALAD was the absolutely the star of the dining experience for me. Ingredients are listed as cashew, ginger vinaigrette, wasabi pea, cucumber, and avocado. I asked that the red bell pepper be removed. The salad was beautiful and well-tossed with the delicious dressing. There wasn’t too little or too much dressing for this Goldilocks. The tuna was perfectly cooked and was delicious. The salad came out beautiful, but I was so excited about it I disturbed it quite a bit before I could take my picture.

The base of the salad appeared to be romaine lettuce and shredded cabbage and there were a healthy portion of sesame seeds sprinkled throughout. I loved the crunch of the cashews, but especially of the wasabi peas which offered even more crunch a little burst of that wasabi heat. The cucumber was chopped incredibly fine which was really nice. Of course, I put avocado on pretty much everything, so it was a welcome creamy addiction to this satisfying and healthy salad.


We didn’t partake in their “Vice” side of the menu. Maybe next time.





Culinary Dropout
11721 ROCK ROSE STE #100, AUSTIN, TX 78758



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