I get asked this question many times a day. Many viewers feel that I should just have one channel, something I did for 3 years. This is generally the norm for ASMR – creators often provide quite a variety of content on a single ASMR channel. As ASMR grows as an artform, the number of niches and interests within it are also growing an exponential rate. When you say you like ASMR, you could mean many, many different things. In a way it’s starting to become a huge umbrella classifier like MUSIC, FILM, and VISUAL ARTS. Even though I now have four channels, they are all still very much variety channels, just a bit more organized.

I decided to think a bit outside of the box and run an experiment of sorts to see if I couldn’t see my overall success grow as an ASMR creator in an increasingly competitive and nuaned field. So far, my experiment is going really well and I am able to start the full transition to make ASMR my full-time career path.

I started out as a variety channel but I have never seen more growth and overall success with my ASMR videos until I switched to 4 “niche” channels. Even though my 3 new channels are still relatively small, they are growing at a fast rate and the videos on these channel are already reaching the same views they would be getting if they were on my original channel. As I continue to update them regularly with new content they have potential to rival or even beat my original channel.

Below I will outline some of the reasons why focusing on niche channels, even within the umbrella of a category like ASMR, may be a successful move.

1. Audience satisfaction, growth and retention

This is merely anecdotal information, but I personally create a large number of videos on a wide variety of topics. My audience has reported that they don’t watch videos that contain subject matter they don’t find interesting, and I’ve found that my initial channel had gained an audience that was mostly beauty and makeup oriented. Whenever I posted a makeup-related video I would gain a large amount of subscribers, and when I posted any other video, I would lose a substantial amount.

Similarly, I would get complaints from subscribers who found me through non-beauty related videos when I would upload beauty-related videos. Many get bored or even annoyed by such a large variety of videos, especially if they involved topics that they did not like.

I decided to “lean-in” to my beauty related content and to create other channels for people who enjoyed other forms and topics of ASMR.

I have a core audience who seems to enjoy my personality and interests, so I created my Lynn Cinnamon ASMR Wonders channel where I do everything from review books to show off kitchen supplies. I do weird videos, odd collections and hauls, art related videos, ASMR experiments and basically anything that strikes my fancy.

I decided to create a Toy channel because I have never seen one before and I liked that it could be “kid friendly” and separated from my other content. I personally have a passion and love of toys and I like the idea of toys having their own niche ASMR channel. Of course, there are many niches of toys themselves and I love them all, so this channel is still quite a variety channel of it’s own.

I created my No Talking channel to accommodate those who do not enjoy whispers or maybe just don’t like my whisper in particular. I’ve found that a huge portion of the general ASMR audience does not like whispering at all, so I thought this would be a great place where I could focus on ASMR sounds. Most of my videos are whisper related, but I do enjoy just focusing and experimenting on the sounds objects can make without any vocal interjections. People searching for No Talking videos can subscribe and feel confident that every video they get from this channel is just about sounds and not voices.

Most of my audience members will only subscribe to one or two of my channels, so they run less risk of being saturated with my content. Viewers can start to unsubscribe or simply ignore videos when a creator uploads often.


2. YouTube Algorithm

Number one dealt with the behavior of the audience without YouTube’s interjection – but number one and number two are related because the YouTube Algortithm tries to behave in a way that best serves what people like to watch.

If a huge number of your subscribers don’t watch most of your uploads, YouTube will stop recommending your content not only to your subscribers, but also to the wider YouTube audience. Having a large portion of your current YouTube audience, no matter how big or small it is, stop paying attention can stagnant your channel or even send it to a downward spiral.

Variety channels can suffer because so many of their audience may be there for different things. Since I decided to go a more niche route, I’ve seem more channel growth than I have  ever seen in my 3 years on YouTube. Even though my smaller channels are very small, they are growing fairly fast for brand new channels and they receive view counts that are a very high percentage of overall subscriber base – which is a metric I value over subscriber count or even view count in terms of judging the health of my channels.


3. Creator’s Psychological Health

Dividing my ASMR videos into separate channels has done wonders for my own mental health and psychological approach to what I’m doing. There may be a strategy behind my decision, but much of the success I’ve seen from this decision might just be down to an increase in my happiness, energy and creativity because of the compartmentalization.


In particular, I can feel ok with making multiple toy, no talking, beauty, or videos that go on my Wonders channel in a row without feeling psychologically burdened to create something that provides “variety” to a single channel. Knowing that the audience on any particular channel knows what they are there for is a relief to me. This compartmentalization has eliminated a huge amount of stress and pressure that I was putting myself under. For someone else, this type of move might cause them more stress, so this particular benefit is idiosyncratic to me.


I get further psychological benefit from being able to direct any commenter expressing distaste and annoyance over my whisper to my No Talking channel. Many of them end up happy to find that I have a No Talking channel and that provides me with relief from distress of displeasing my audience. Everyone likes different things, so I have respect for whatever your preferences are. It gives me a sense of pleasure to be able to direct people to a channel that they would enjoy better than the one they are currently viewing.


I also feel that by diversifying I have ASMR pathways to fall back on – if interest wanes in one or more of my ASMR channels I may still have a healthy audience on at least one of my channels.

4. Better Brand Deals

If you are looking to turn your YouTube channel into a viable revenue stream then sponsorships, affiliate programs, brand deals, and collaborations with companies are a great way to get added financial security – especially given the fact that Youtube ad revenue can wildly fluctuate or may not be substantial enough on its own. On top of it all, ASMRtists have some of the lowest earning potential on the YouTube platform because they can only place ads at the beginning of each video while most vloggers and other genres of video creators can place multiple ads in the middle and at the end of long videos – doubling, tripling or even quadrupling their earning potential on advertising alone.


ASMR channels also have gone through periods of being demonitzed even when they fit in the YouTube guidelines. When you are demonitized you can have your videos reviewed and approved, but this process takes hours or days – during crucial times that may be the peak for your video. Thankfully this hasn’t happened to me in about a year, but that situation is always a possibility for any YouTube creator.


When you have a channel with a definite theme or focus areas, you are better able to make business decisions that benefit all parties. You can find products that better fit with the interests of your audience – which leaves your audience and any company you work with more satisfied and any marketing campaigns or products your promote – including any merchandise you create yourself, more successful.





I hope that cleared some things up for anyone who was wondering why I chose to do what I did. Not every strategy works the same for every individual – so if you are an ASMR creator weigh your personal options, don’t be afraid to experiment, and definitely don’t be afraid to keep doing what works best for you because you deserve to be the best version of yourself you can be.


Love you! Remember to do something kind for yourself!