Assia Wevill, one of Ted Hughes’ love interests, was also a creative person. While Ted Hughes scrambled to fund his turbulent life with a poet’s living, Assia held down steady jobs in advertising.

Her most famous and successful campaign, a 1965 spot for Sea Witch, was a chilling 90-second myth to sell hair dye. Called “The Lost Island,” the humorous ad features a crew of seven men lured to an legendary island of sirens.

There were seven of us. Thousands had tried before. This [the island] is where they left their bones. We knew what was waiting. We knew what was waiting for us. The Sea Witches. The Greeks knew about them. The faces of mortal women, but their hair – their hair is legend. Was this the real location of Eden? Were these the banished descendants of Eve? There were seven of us. Men with no hope, only courage.