The song didn’t sound right. But something about it did, still.

Angie had sent it to him. Texted to him in some midnight blue of a Saturday. He didn’t know if she was mad or sentimental.

He said he didn’t like it, and she told him to Google it. When he did, he saw that Willie Nelson had sung it about a million times and it sounded right when he sang it. It made him cry, the way Willie sang it. Maybe it was because he had a few beers in him. When he listened to it sober, it didn’t make him cry exactly, but it made him feel liquified. There really wasn’t anything to say back, just this aching feeling.

Whatever and gone down from between and him and Angie, it wasn’t exactly something that could be fixed. It stung him, sure. And he was sure it stung her, too, or she wouldn’t be sending him these things.