A growing number of former believers of Warren Jeff’s FLDS cult are either leaving, or being kicked out. While this internal bleed brings to light more of their shocking practices and conditions, and threatens the group’s ability to operate an insular government, it makes the remaining group more concentrated. The only ones who stay are the ones who are truly willing to do anything their self-proclaimed prophet Warren Jeffs instructs them to do, and the implications of that are terrifying because, as a culture, we’ve seen the results of this type of brainwashed blind devotion in Waco, Jonestown, and the Manson Family.

The latest developments, from Willie Jessop, Jeffs’ former bodyguard and leader of the security detail known as the “God Squad,” is confirmation the practice of “seed bearing” within the group, and offered more insight about what the end goal of this practice is for Jeffs. Since Jeffs has been serving a life sentence in Texas, he’s suspended marriages and sex between husbands and wives. For a while that seemed to mean that no new children were being born into the group, but that’s not true. Jeffs has restructured child-bearing by first anointing certain women as United Order brides.

Like Jim Jones, Jeffs convinces church members to confess their deepest sins to him, and then uses the information against them. United Order brides are the women who life up to his exacting standards, and they are sequestered in their own residence. The only sex allowed in FLDS is between a select group of men, known as “seed bearers,” and these women. The men wear a hood, and a sheet is draped over the woman so neither can know the identity of the other. Even sex between spouses is now seen as adultery in the group, and husbands are usually forced to watch their wives during this ceremony. The children born of this practice are then taken away in hiding to various FLDS compounds all over the western U. S. They are raised without knowing who their parents are, and are considered property of the church. Jeffs is rumored to be using this practice to create a church who, with no devotion to family or parents, are loyal only to him.