sculpture at burning man

Friday night a massive, intricate, and expensive sculpture burnt to the ground at Burning Man 2014, and it must have been an amazing thing to see.

This transient effort to demonstrate the fragility of life and love was built with the help of lots of volunteers by The Pier Group. Around $52k was raised by a Kickstarter campaign, but the total cost was $266,000.

“Embrace is our testament to the moment, a cathedral dedicated to the beauty of immediacy,” the artists wrote on the project’s website. “This is a sculpture made to honor all of the relationships in our lives, a pilgrimage through our bodies and our minds.”

Photo by Trey Ratcliffe

Photo by Trey Ratcliff

People could climb inside the structures, which were several stories tall and had glowing hearts, before the whole thing was set ablaze. I can only imagine how powerful and satisfying this must have been to see: full of grief but also relief in acknowledgment of the constant passing, and never catching, of things.



As with keeping with Burning Man’s requirements of leaving behind nothing in the Reno desert, they will clean up every shred of the charred remains.