The second I caught a glimpse of John William Keedy’s It’s Hardly Noticable series, my heart skipped. This is what anxiety looks like. Anxiety is about our futile attempts to control the uncontrollable. It’s a human reaction to chaos.








This fence looks like notebooks I kept in adolescence (thank god I’m over my counting shit.)


The clocks piece one is not my favorite visually, but it resonates with me. We’re all helpless against time.


“At its worst I had a lot of difficulty with crowds and large groups of people, and so I would do things like grocery shop late at night or early in the morning when stores were more likely to be empty,” Keedy has said about his struggle with anxiety. “At one point I also had a difficult time interacting with strangers, and while now I’m much better at that than I used to be, there was a period when it caused me to have a fairly limited network of friends.”

“I think that image really came from the feeling of dealing with these anxieties and acknowledging that it’s a lot of work,” Keedy said about the milk photo. “For me, it involves a lot of checking and making sure that now, years later, I’m not flipping back into older routines that weren’t the healthiest.”

I’m not sure if anxiety is something that ever completely goes away. Everyone has it. It’s a normal reaction and helps us stay alive, but when it takes over your body, your life, it can be devastating.