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The best part of SPECTRE for me was the seamless opening sequence, which was a graceful dance of filmmaking, AND a showcase of what makes the idea of Bond so enticing. It starts with the glorious spectacle of a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico City, then shows Bond rush to a hotel room with a beautiful woman, change into a suit for the split second the camera’s off of him, and glide out the window and into a… Read more »

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We all know what Black Friday is: in the U.S. it’s the madcap discount-driven shopping day after Thanksgiving that usually ends up with some kind of mayhem. Ask anyone these days what Black Friday means, and they’ll usually say it represents the day when retailers’ annual profit moves from red (a loss) to black (a gain,) due to this rush of maniacal shopping. The past few years an alternative theory about the origins of Black Friday suggested it’s linked to… Read more »


The events of the new film Room, a screenplay Emma Donoghue adapted from her best-selling 2010 novel of the same name, have echos of the Cleveland kidnappings (which came to light after the book was published) and the Jaycee Dugard case, but the main story that loosely inspired this emotional film happened in Austria.


The word demon usually isn’t taken literally anymore, but even figuratively, wrestling with demons is a serious issue. We’re usually talking about intense personal struggles with mental health issues and addiction that are robbing us and our loved ones of our selves, our identities, our peace, and our happiness. Many, though, believe demons are literal spirits that can overtake our bodies, turning us, unwittingly into puppet-type monsters.


X-rays have a ghostly quality – they’re white whispers on black, usually shouldering some hidden revelation about what’s going on inside. Artist David Maisel’s photographs of x-rays of ancient art in his “History’s Shadow” project delightfully plays with our senses, letting us see objects that have become the backdrop of our culture in an entirely new way. In order to stay fresh and interested in the marvels of our world, we have to keep pricking our dull senses, dusting off… Read more »