It’s intentionally difficult to gage when It Follows is supposed to be set. Everything has a vintagy feel. The old televisions, cars, and black-and-white movies make it seem like a hipster’s dream. A driving 80’s horror-synth soundtrack (by Rich Vreeland of Disasterpeace) follows the characters as they live a sleepy life in an run-down suburb of the further disintegrating Detroit, and their lives are accented by stylistic beauty of a curated mix of relics from different decades. The only nod to the “present” exists both in the future and the past: a pink kindle-iphone type device that looks like a 1960s pink clamshell compact. It’s a brilliant touch that had me craving it immediately and hating that it didn’t actually exist.

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I get a lot of great, stimulating questions and observations on my I often quickly reply, sometimes typing out long responses on my phone. It’s great, but I’ve decided to try fleshing out my answers a little more into an advice column of sorts. If you want to see your question here, just send it to QUESTION: Lately, i have developed a kind of a destructive obsession with being utterly objective. I change my mind a lot i… Read more »


This iconic December 12, 1970 photo of Elvis Presley and Richard Nixon is surreal, but the story behind the meeting is even stranger. By the 70s things were unravelling for Elvis. He was already deep into a deadly drug addiction, and was struggling with his place in the world he had once been on top of. Elvis seemed to be in a bit of a tailspin when he loaded up his gun and decided to do some rare private traveling.

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The wind stung him. It reminded Oliver of long nights playing by the lake, the sand whipped into his flesh by the breeze. His muscles ached from swimming and running. It had felt perfectly alright to be alive then. The monotony and dread of other days was forgotten, blended into a past unreachable in this touchable present.

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The Internet and media didn’t break Monica Lewinsky, but it almost did. It’s been almost two decades since the former White House intern, in her words, became “patient zero” for internet shame and scandal. But now, after 17 years of being a punchline, she’s stepped out of the shadows to remind us all that she is, after all, a person. She asking that we consider the humanity of people with our stray comments, a practice that is just as important offline as online.


Nightcrawler (out now on download and Blu-Ray) is enthralling because we’re natural born gawkers. We are fascinated by the pain and drama of others, and that fascination is normal, but it can be lead to evil things when someone lacks empathy like Jake Gyllenhaal’s glassy-eyed Lou Bloom. Nightcrawler pushes the boundaries of how comfortable we should feel about our attraction to train wrecks.


Not only does Comedy Central’s Broad City deal with friendship in a lovely and refreshing way, it tackles human sexuality with honesty and panache. From casual conversations with parents about pegging at a wake, to Ilana’s unrequited crush on her pal Abbi and her own unreturned feelings for her FWB Lincoln, sex and all its complexities isn’t labeled or boxed in. Ilana and Abbi live in a generation that doesn’t need to define itself as straight, bisexual, or queer. It’s… Read more »

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The last episode of The Jinx features some of the most gut-searing footage of any documentary, ever. The first fascinating scene was a confrontation over two scrawlings of a misspelled “Beverley Hills.” One was on a letter to Durst’s murdered friend Susan Berman, a letter he had apparently forgotten about. The other was written on a note he had been reminded of before by director Andrew Jarecki, an anonymous envelope sent to the Beverly Hills police informing them of a… Read more »

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George’s discussion with Sophia had released something in him. He felt connected to the world again. First, they had had sex, of course, but then they talked for a while, and it turned out this was what he was really paying for.