“Please remember me as Juice,’” – O. J. Simpson, June, 1994 On June 17, 1994, O. J. Simpson was at Robert Kardashian’s house with his lawyers, who thought he was minutes away from turning himself into the police. It was a pre-arranged deal that doesn’t happen very often with murder charges, but these were special circumstances. It’s not every day that a someone as famous and widely beloved as O. J. Simpson is suspected of murdering his ex-wife. “Please remember… Read more »


Einar Wegener picked the day he was going to kill himself: May 1, 1930. Months before the looming suicide date arrived, however, Einar was given an unbelievable opportunity. He found he could physically transform into Lili with the help of innovative German doctors. The surgeries were risky, but at that point so was continuing life in the world as Einar. The stakes were high all around, and if there was a way to make Einar disappear so Lili could live, he was going to try it.


The first thing you’ll notice in Aokigahara, the setting and inspiration for the new horror movie The Forest, is the still silence. The foliage here is especially dense, it grows on a bed of nutrient-rich lava from a 10-day 864 Mt. Fuji eruption, and its lush expanse blocks outside sound. There is an uncommon lack of wildlife, so even the rustle of scurrying creatures or trills of a birdsong is rare. Most of the time all that can be heard is the crunch of your own feet.


The second season of Transparent takes a bold move: through a series of delirious flashbacks we’re introduced to the vibrant life of Maura’s now uncommunicative mother Rose when she was a young girl in 1930s Berlin. The flashbacks start off celebratory, but lead to dark revelations about the family’s traumatic past.


The concept of “The Force” in Star Wars seems to resonant universally. The idea of the force seems easy enough to understand when you’re in the midst of the delightful intergalactic ride full of non-stop action and satisfying scene wipes, but it gets a bit more nebulous the more you try to grasp it. What is The Force, really? And why do we respond so powerfully to it?

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Home Alone‘s’s a light-hearted comedy, or at least that’s the way it felt in the 90s when us older Millenials were kids. Watching the film as an adult is nostalgic, fu, and also pretty horrific. Kevin McAllister is adorable and spunky, but also small, vulnerable, utterly alone, and at the mercy of two extremely dangerous robbers who take great delight in taunting him. The fantasy is that Kevin’s not only perfectly okay in this scenario, but that he, an abandoned eight-year-old who’s already been terrified by his stalkers, can turn his sprawling suburban house into a complicated labyrinth of effective traps. Turns out that experience took it’s tole on Kevin, and he’s still haunted by his past.


On Christmas Day, Netflix is releasing the Black Mirror Christmas Special: White Christmas. The episode, which first aired last year in the, U.K. and tells three chilling tales under a single-frame work (Similar to A Christmas Carol’s formula, but with a much more bleak outcome.) Like all Black Mirror stories, “White Christmas” is a cautionary tale of familiar technology tested to its limits by some of humanity’s most complicated and dark behaviors.